ABM is a Cosmetics Passion 100% Profesional with partners fully convinced that the cosmetic consumer is increasingly demanding, evolving and needs more extraordinary responses.

After working in Cosmetics Multinational companies for more than 27 years, learning a lot about the successful development of Brands and especially after having the opportunity to listen to customers, we decided to become independent and devote ourselves to develop New Brands, Alternatives to the traditional ones which we all know. And we want to do it with those who have created the products and retailers who share the same objectives as us: answers with “soul“.

We get in the spirit of each brand, merge with its creators, we look for partners who know and want to reach customers, draw up a plan as a team, offering a global service, and get among all of us to achieve our goals, which for most is our dreams.

Of course, always with ambition because we want to grow, develop and contribute to something exceptional. We want to leave our mark.