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Urban Cosmetics created by professionals , with the variety of colors, styles and traditions.
Whether classic or trendy – the product range provides the opportunity for every look and appeals to a variety of women

Inspired in BRONX; NYC – The northernmost district of New York City. Characterized by its multicultural influences where people meet from different backgrounds and social classes. Home of musicians, artists and actors in a creative environment. The origins of hip-hop, breakdance and graffiti are pervasive and emphasize the urban lifestyle. This is where trends are born!



When the power of Nature meets the power of Science there is a wonderful effect.
WIN Laboratoires formule with the highest concentration in anti aging ingredients, using biotechnology and getting a cosmetic with high precision, efficacy and free of synthetic ingredients.
All the formules are Ecocert Ingredients in their composition and moleculars and technological.
The technology is absolutely pioneering, even able to repair and set up the DNA and the cellular system.
Win products include an exclusive Thermal Wáter, known as Holy Wáter.
WIN Laboratories are fully dedicated to creating empowerment formulas with remarkable energetic components for the woman of today . The goal is to surpass present demands by enabling
Pure rest
Or any other power required, for women to naturally be at their best. Win is here to empower woman, to help them feel good in their own skin


La cosmetica svizzera dal cuore italiano

Arval’s mission is based essentially on cosmetic research, with its efforts concentrated on creating, improving and aiding beauty.
Present on the market for over 60 years, Arval has capitalized enormous experience “in the field”, both in strictly scientific terms of experimentation and its now in-depth knowledge of people’s needs and requirements and their evolution: this is what allows Arval to constantly enrich its assets, enabling it to identify every emerging need and interesting trend, often well in advance
This is how new ideas and new lines come into being, as a result of active ingredients, either innovative or interpreted differently; this is also how better formulations, more effective molecules and more intense benefits come into being: thanks to increasingly modern and continually updated technologies, but also thanks to motivation which is unceasingly renewed.